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Nouvelle Version sur dataFEED OPC Suite v 5.22

la nouvelles version dataFEED OPC Suite v 5.22 est disponible.

Nouvelles fonctionalités :

  • OPC UA Reverse Connect ( Serveur & Client) : Ce n’est pas uniquement le Client qui se connecte au serveur, mais le Serveur qui peut également se connecter au Client. Cela permet de d’optimier la sécurité, si c’est le serveur qui doit se connecter. Pas de ports laissés ouverts. Sécurité accrue de votre installation.
  • Softing OPC UA SDK versoin 6.00 intégré
  • Softing OPC Classic SDK Version v4.31.21 intégré

OS supportés :

  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
  • Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2022

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improved production process

NEWS from the  11 /08 / 2021

Asset management for improved production processes

Fieldbuses in the process industry

Digital field devices deliver an ever-increasing amount of data that provides sound insights into plant condition and based on which modern asset management can be carried out. To ensure a continuous data flow beyond the analog measured value, digital communication protocols have become established in the process industry in addition to the analog 4..20 mA current loop. The three most important are HART, Foundation Fieldbus (FF) and PROFIBUS. While FF is widely used in the USA, PROFIBUS has become the fieldbus protocol of choice in the European process industry. It allows the long cable runs required in process automation and the PROFIBUS PA profile can be used in hazardous areas. And by supporting digital communication and manufacturer-independent device exchange, it offers the best conditions for controlling, monitoring and streamlining production processes.

Ethernet/IP for modern asset management

But fieldbuses are not the end of the story. Ethernet-based control systems are available for innovative asset management. They offer higher bandwidths for data transmission and enable the integration of Industry 4.0 applications. By integrating these PLCs, existing plants in the process industry can be expanded to include modern and highly functional segments.

Combined solutions manage the transition to state-of-the-art technology

This is where the combined solutions come in that Softing Industrial has developed with its partners Schneider Electric and Endress+Hauser:

Softing’s “epGate” connects PROFIBUS PA and DP devices from Endress+Hauser with the M580 Ethernet/IP control system and the Control Expert engineering tool from Schneider Electric. The benefits are obvious:

  • The required investment is manageable, since it is not the entire plant that has to be modernized. The existing PROFIBUS PA and DP segments can be integrated into a modern Ethernet/IP network architecture without any changes.
  • Gateway integration is done quickly, either by using the generated EDS (Electronic Data Sheet) file (exported from the Embedded Web Server) or through the Schneider Electric Advanced Generic DTM (Device Type Manager) installed by default in EcoStruxure™ Control Expert engineering tool.
  • The Asset Management of the field devices can be easily realized via FDT (Field Device Type) frame applications such as FieldCare from Endress+Hauser with an included CommDTM (Communication Device Type Manager).

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OPC UA .NET Standard

dataFEED OPC UA .NET Standard Server & Client SDK

Easily enable your application with OPC UA

dataFEED OPC UA .NET Standard SDK enables fast integration of OPC UA communication into .NET Standard applications. Thanks to the .NET Standard library, you are not bound to Windows and can easily use your applications on other platforms, e.g. Linux. With the help of the clearly documented programming interface and associated sample applications, developers can concentrate on their actual project goals without having to worry about the intricacies of the OPC UA specification.

Complete Solution Addressing All Customer Requirements

  • Comprehensive set of building blocks offering encapsulation and easy-to-use functionality required for implementing OPC UA Clients and OPC UA Servers
  • Modular design to scale OPC UA functionality according to actual requirements
  • Wide range of available functionality, including Extended Security, Data Access, Complex Data, Events, Alarms & Conditions and Historical Access
  • Integrated security concepts allowing safe remote data transfer actively addressing modern security threats
  • Applicable for time-critical control tasks as well as for complex automation projects
  • OPC UA Clients capable to move data and information between factory floor and enterprise level

Comprehensive Scope of Delivery for Easy and Fast Development

  • Optimized Application Programming Interface (API) and easy to understand documentation
  • Complementary how-to example applications, step by step tutorials, complex test and simulation clients for a lean getting started with OPC UA development

Investment Security Through Innovative License Model

  • Implementation according latest OPC UA specifications
  • Free migration to upcoming dataFEED OPC UA SDK versions and 3 years’ right to updates to future versions
Technical Data
OPC Specifications OPC Unified Architecture V1.03
OPC Roles OPC UA Client, OPC UA Server
OPC UA Client/Server Profiles Core Characteristics, Data Access, Complex Data (OPC UA Client API), Base Eventing, Methods, Audit, Node Management, Historical Access, Alarms and Conditions, Publisher, Subscriber
OPC UA Transport OPC UA TCP transport; UA Binary Encoding
UADP Publisher, UADP Subscriber
OPC UA Security Security policy: Basic256Sha256/Basic256/Basic128Rsa15/None
Authentication: anonymous/user name and password/user certificate
Full compliance to OPC UA 1.03 specification
Programming Interface C#
Development Environment Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 (limited support), Microsoft Visual Studio 2017, .NET Framework 4.6, .NET Standard 1.4, .NET Standard 2.0
Development Operating Systems* Windows 7 SP1 (32/64 Bit), Windows 10 (32/64 Bit), Windows Server 2012 SP1, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016
Target operating systems* Windows 7 SP1 (32/64 Bit), Windows 10 (32/64 Bit), Windows Server 2012 SP1, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016,
all Linux distributions (tested with Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu Desktop, Debian 9.3), Android
Compliance/Certification Regularly tested at OPC Foundation interoperability workshops, test with OPC Foundation compliance test tool
Support Tools Comprehensive programming examples and tutorials, complex test and simulation OPC UA Server and Client applications, generic technology test and demonstration Client and Server tools
Trial Version Trial toolkit assemblies contain complete functionality. Limitation to 90-minute runtime period applies.
Trial version upgrades to unlimited functionality simply by using binary license activation key
Licensing Trial and evaluation license, single seat developer license (binary and source code version)
Applications integrating licensed toolkit libraries can be deployed in unlimited number of copies.

* Please contact the Softing sales representative for requests of different compilers or operating system variants.

Innovative Maintenance Contract

  • Optimized Application Programming Interface (API)
  • All Software Updates included
  • Support directly from our developers
  • No Royalty Fees
  • Available in Source Code and Binary
  • Unlimited runtime of the SDK past of Maintenance Contract

Fomation disponible….. Nous consulter

mobiLink Power : Single USB interface for PROFIBUS PA, HART, FOUNDATION fieldbus

mobiLink power enables a direct connection to the field device without it having to be located within a functioning bus infrastructure. The integrated power supply eliminates the need for additional components such as external power supply and terminating resistors for commissioning and maintenance of the field devices.

Single interface for the major Process Automation protocols

  • HART Master, Foundation Fieldbus Host and PROFIBUS PA Master included in one device
  • Parametrization and configuration of field devices
  • Diagnostics and condition monitoring

mobiLink Power presentation ( PDF )

Provides the power supply for the field devices

  • Eliminates the need for an additional power supply and power conditioner for workbench applications

Support of FDI, FDT frame applications and major engineering tools

  • PACTware FDT frame application and HART communication DTM included
  • Communication DTM for Foundation Fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA (optional)
  • Foundation Fieldbus configuration tool (optional)
  • Application Program Interface for integration into engineering systems

Unlimited flexibility in use

  • mobilink Power draws power from the connected computer via USB

Please find this product into our renting product

DUA-KM-020440 mobiLink Power for HART applications, including accessories
LRA-KK-021973 linkPlus FF – License to activate Foundation Fieldbus
LRA-LL-021974 linkPlus PA – License to activate PROFIBUS PA
LRA-KK-020721 Licence for FF Configuration Tool ComConf

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PROFINET Switch 8 Port, managed M12 – IP67

The managed PROFINET-Switch supports PROFINET according to Conformance Class B and offers transmission security through ring redundancy as an MRP client.

One of the most important functions of a PROFINET-Switch is the prioritizing of the PROFINET frame traffic in the machine network. The managed switch can differentiate whether the frame is a web query, an FTP file transmission, a media stream, or a PROFINET frame. In the case of a high transmission load, the important frames can thus be prioritized in order to prevent frame losses.
With a GSDML file you can integrate the switch into your automation environment in the usual way.
The supported PROFINET protocols, such as LLPD, DCP, or even diagnosis alarms, can be easily configured and administered.

With its protection class IP67 and temperature range from -40 °C to +75 °C, the PROFINET Switch 8 Port, IP67 is ideal for use in rough industrial conditions. The product is ideally suited for installation without a control cabinet and therefore offers a wide range of applications.


  • PROFINET Conformance Class B
  • Integration into the automation network with GSDML file
  • Quick and easy configuration and diagnostics via PROFINET and web interface
  • LLDP, DCP, SNMP, diagnostic alarms
  • Media Redundancy: MRP Client
  • port mirroring
  • Network statistics (frames, errors)
  • Managed switch with 8 x 100 Mbps M12 ports
  • Protection class IP67
  • Switch cabinet-less assembly possible

Technical advantages when using a PROFINET-Switch

  • Prioritizing of PROFINET frames
  • Assignment of a configuration via the device name
  • Neighborhood detection
  • Device exchange without programming device
  • Ring redundancy
  • Each port can be activated or deactivated
  • Diagnostic messages for network problems
  • Identification and maintenance data

With this variant of the managed PROFINET-Switch, you can connect up to 8 network participants in harsh environments, saving time and money.

General information
Order number 700-857-8PS01
Article name PROFINET-Switch 8-port, managed, IP67
Scope of delivery PROFINET-Switch 8-port, Quick Start Guide, GSDML-File
Dimensions (DxWxH) 24 x 62 x 190 mm
Weight Approx. 410 g
PROFINET interface (X1)
Number 8
Protocol PROFINET IO Device as per IEC 61158-6-10
Physical layer Ethernet
Transmission rate 10/100 Mbps
Connection M12 D-coded
Features Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP)
automatic addressing / topology detection (LLDP, DCP), conformance class B
Status indicator 3 LEDs, function status
16 LEDs, Ethernet status
Voltage supply (X2)
Voltage supply DC 24 V (18 … 30 VDC)
Connection M12 L-coded
Current draw Max. 130 mA at 24 V DC
Power dissipation Max. 3.5 W
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature -40 °C … +75°C
Transport and storage temperature -40 °C … +85 °C
Protection rating IP67
Certifications CE
RoHS Yes




  • PROFINET Switch, 4/8/16 Ports, GSDML file       (V9-2019 )


The perfect solution to prevent hackers to take control of your industrial data

( OPC UA servers, PROFINET, Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP network, etc…)

Cybersecurity shouldn’t be an option

A protection without any impact on production.

Let’s detect and protect any intrusions, without any impact on your industrial activities. This “Rail DIN box system” is easy to install on any industrial environment.

Let’s integrate  a product fully adapted to your environment.

La gamme de produits de sécurité réseau est disponible selon vos besoins : dans un format Hardware IT pour la protection du réseau informatique ou dans un format Hardware OT avec le Stormshield SNi40, boîtier conçu spécialement pour la protection des PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).

Une administration unique

Avec la solution globale Stormshield Network Security, vous intégrez un seul produit logiciel pour une administration unique quel que soit le domaine d’activité (OT ou IT).


Type Firewall industriel ou Pare-feu industriel
Certification CSPN
Firewall Throughput over UDP 4.8Gbps
Firewall Throughput  (IMIX ) 2.4Gbps
Débit en IPS Up to 2.9Gbps
Jitter max 10ms
VPN  IPSec – AES128/SHA1 : 1,1 Gbps
Simultaneously VPN tunnels 500
Simultaneously SSL tunnels 75 (via Web)
Simultaneously SSL tunnels 100 via client
Simultaneously sessions 500 000
New session per seconde 20 000
Interface speed 10/100/1000
Interfaces Nb 5
SFP interfaces de 0 à 2
Serial Port 1
 USB Ports 1 x USB 2.0 et 1 x USB 3.0
DPI Deep Packet Inspection ou Inspection des paquets en profondeur OUI
Protocoles compatibles DPI Modbus, UMAS, S7 200-300-400, EtherNet/IP, CIP, OPC UA, CEI 60870-5-104, OPC (DA/HDA/AE), BACnet/IP et IT
Stockage 32Gb
Log sur SSD
MTBF 26.6 ans
Installation Rail-Din
Size 165 x 80 x 145 mm
Weight 1.4 kg
Usual Consumtion 15.5W
Consumation 19.5W
Normal Température -40 °C à +75 °C
Protection IP30
Modele SNI40


Réference : Système UTM Industriel : SNi40

HA for simplifying PROFIBUS INTEGRATION for process control

NEWS from the  :  10 /20 / 2020

Softing Industrial just released version 1.20 of its Modbus to PROFIBUS gateways adding redundancy for critical process control applications and adding XML import for simplified integration into Schneider Electric engineering systems.

Softing’s Modbus to PROFIBUS Gateways mbGate PA, mbGate PB and mbGate DP enable the direct integration of PROFIBUS PA and DP segments into Modbus/TCP systems. They act as Modbus server and PROFIBUS master and connect up to 4 PROFIBUS PA segments as well as 1 DP segment with Modbus TCP. Version 1.20 now supports the operation of two redundant gateways in combination with two redundant Modbus controllers. In this way, system availability is ensured even in the event of a connection failure. Furthermore, the PROFIBUS configuration from the gateway can now be easily transferred to Schneider’s Unity PRO via XML import. Initial engineering is thus reduced to a minimum and changes in the system configuration can be transferred quickly to the control system eliminating risk of error.

mbGate PA, PB and DP are part of Softing’s gateway family for multi-protocol process control which includes gateways with server functionality for Modbus TCP, PROFINET and Ethernet/IP. The gateways enable fast and easy field device connection for integrated, digital communication in process plants. In this way, users modernize and expand their existing installations quickly and cost-effectively and create the basis for more efficiency and flexibility in their production. More information is available here: Gateways for multi-protocol process control

Ethernet Switch 8 ports, Unmanaged , 10, 100Mbit, IP67

Ethernet-Switch 8-port, unmanaged, 10/100 Mbit, IP67

The Helmholz unmanaged Ethernet-Switch IP67 is a very compact switch for a wide range of industrial applications. Thanks to its high IP67 protection class and temperature range from -40 °C to +75 °C, the IP67 unmanaged Ethernet-Switch is ideal for use in rough industrial environments. The product is ideally suited for installation without a control cabinet and therefore offers a wide range of applications. Once plugged in, the simple Plug & Play solution makes it immediately ready for use.

The unmanaged Ethernet switch is suitable for PROFINET networks. The LLPD (neighborhood detection) and PTCP (time synchronization) functions are handled correctly with the switch in accordance with the PROFINET standard. The unmanaged Ethernet switch thus corresponds to PROFINET Conformance Class A.

With this variant of the unmanaged Ethernet switch you can connect up to 8 Ethernet subscribers with 10 or 100 Mbps.

General information
Order number 700-847-8ES01
Article name Ethernet-Switch 8-port, unmanaged, 10/100 Mbit, IP67
Scope of delivery Ethernet-Switch 8-port, Brief Instruction
Dimensions (DxWxH) 24 x 62 x 190 mm
Weight approx. 410 g
LAN interface (X1)
Number 8
Type 10BASE-T,100BASE-TX, Full-/Half-Duplex,
Auto negotiation, Auto MDI/MDI-X
PROFINET Conformance Class A
Connection M12 D-Coded
Transmission rate 10/100 Mbps
Status indicator 1 LED power display,
16 LEDs Ethernet-status
Voltage supply (X2)
Voltage supply DC 24 V (18…30 V DC)
Connection M12 L-Coded
Current draw max. 80 mA with 24 V DC
Power dissipation max. 2 W
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature -40 °C … +75 °C
Transport and storage temperature -40 °C … +85 °C
Relative air humidity 95 % r. H. without condensation
Protection rating IP67
Certifications CE
RoHS Yes


NEWS from the  :  08 /07 / 2020

ICE cube production with the PROFINET Switch from Helmholz


The Budé Group from Maastricht has been active in the world of industrial production automation, mechanical engineering, revision and maintenance for more than 30 years now. A family-owned company with a passion for technology and the solution of technical problems.

Budé Innovative Solutions bv, a member of the Budé Group, has built a unique machine for the ice industry. This machine is designed for washdown applications (cleaning with high pressure, hot water as well as aggressive chemical agents) and produces around 20 tons of crystal clear ice cubes per day at minimal energy costs.

Sven Kuypers, senior engineer for industrial automation at Budé: “The CubyKing, as the machine is called, is an ice machine that is produced entirely of stainless steel 304. The machine is distinguished by its high production capacity in combination with its relatively compact dimensions.”

capacity in combination with its relatively compact dimensions.”

PROFINET Switch with protection class IP67

Because a lot of technology had to be integrated into a small space, a decision was made to place the PROFINET elements, including the switches, as decentralized as possible. The 44 servomotors with integrated drives, the 4 valve islands and the remote IO are all decentralized and executed in IP67.

All of these PROFINET elements are connected by M12 technology with the managed PROFINET switches with protection class IP67 from Helmholz. These switches are certified by PI. They can be easily incorporated into the hardware configuration of the PLC and thus offer optimal functionality.


The PROFIBUS connector 90° diagnostics LED is equipped with a proven and reliable screw terminal.

It is quickly mounted and has integrated, connectable terminating resistors.
For improved EMC compatibility, the housing of the plug is metalized.
Using the PROFIBUS connector diagnosis, a PROFIBUS network can be established in which the user can at any time check the state of the bus system at a glance.
The three built-in LEDs with the easily distinguished colors blue, green, and orange indicate the most important states of the PROFIBUS network at each station. The state of the terminating resistor (orange), whether bus activity is present (green), and whether the addressed participant is participating in the bus traffic (blue) are displayed.
In this way you can immediately recognize error states such as bus interrupts, missing or incorrectly connected terminating resistors, and malfunctioning or failed bus participants.
The PROFIBUS connector works in the extended ambient temperature range of -25 °C to +85 °C.


Exits on 2 versions : WITH PG and WITHOUT PG

  • 3 status LEDs to indicate “bus operation,” “participant is sending,” “terminating resistor inserted”
  • Metalized housing
  • No parts that can be lost
  • Integrated switchable terminating resistor
  • 90° cable outlet
  • Proven screw terminal
  • The PROFIBUS connectors are also available in packs of 10 or 50
  • The maximum ambient temperature for UL is +60 °C
General information
Order number 700-972-7BA12
Article name PROFIBUS connector, 90° screw terminal, diagnostics LED, without PG
Scope of delivery PROFIBUS connector, installation instructions
Dimensions (DxWxH) 64 x 40 x 17 mm
Weight Approx. 40 g
Cable outlet Vertical cable outlet, suitable for FastConnect stripping tool
PROFIBUS interface
Number 1
Transmission rate max. 12 Mbps
Connection SUB-D connector, 9-pin
Terminating resistor Resistor combination integrated and switchable using slide switch
PG connection socket No
PROFIBUS bus cable 60/75 °C copper cable up to 1.0 mm2
Connector type terminal strips
Number 4
Maximum outside diameter 8.0 mm
Status indicator 1 LED, 3-color
Voltage supply + 4.75 … + 5.25 V DC (must come from the device)
Current draw without modules (internal) Max. 35 mA
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature -25 °C … +85 °C( The maximum ambient temperature for UL is +60 °C.)
Transport and storage temperature -25 °C … +85 °C
Relative air humidity 70 % at +25 °C
Pollution degree 2
Protection rating IP20
Certifications CE, UL
RoHS Yes

Product Reference

  • PROFIBUS connector, 90°, screw terminal connector, with diagnostics LED, without PG, incl. installation instructions : ATV-700-972-7BA12
  • PROFIBUS connector, 90°, screw terminal connector, with diagnostics LED, with PG, incl. installation instructions :       ATV-700-972-7BB12