PROFIBUS Monitor (BC-502-PB)

Maximum Plant Availability Through Continuous Bus Monitoring

he PROFIBUS Monitor is an “inspector” for the continuous monitoring of the data communication on PROFIBUS DP. In case the tool detects critical changes that could result in a future network failure it automatically generates a notification that maintenance action is required.

  • Prevents production loss from bus problems
  • Allows planned maintenance of the fieldbus
  • Easy to use via integrated web interface
  • All bus device states at a glance

Early detection of bus problems

The PROFIBUS Monitor is designed for fixed installation in control cabinets. One PROFIBUS Monitor per bus line is all that is needed – no matter how many physical segments are to be monitored. In addition, the tool’s open functionality allows use across all controller and PROFIBUS device types. The PROFIBUS Monitor reliably detects deteriorations in the bus communication and reports them to the operational staff. This allows implementing a condition-based maintenance strategy that reduces operator intervention to when it is needed. In this way, routine system downtimes can be used for planned maintenance action, making best use of the often scarce maintenance resources.

Easy use and clear readings

No bus address or program changes to the PLC program are needed when installing the PROFIBUS Monitor. Configuration and visualization are performed over the network via an easy-to-use, integrated web interface. Setup, commissioning, and problem analysis require a basic knowledge of PROFIBUS.

Advance warning of impending failure

On connection to a PROFIBUS segment, the PRPFIBUS Monitor automatically detects the baud rate and immediately starts monitoring. It determines the bus cycle times and counts critical events. Critical events on the PROFIBUS are error frames, retries, restarts, and diagnostic messages. In this way, the typical slow deteriorations on “aging” installations and connected devices can be reliably detected. When the number of error events exceeds the specified maximum limit per time unit, the PROFIBUS Monitor sends an alarm to the PLC via a signaling contact, or optionally to a server over the Ethernet network.
The last 100 errors are stored in an alarm list. In the case of an alarm, the tool offers the possibility to create a frame traffic trace for the period of interest. The trace file can then be analyzed later using the PROFIBUS Diagnostics Suite PC software.

Power Supply DC 24 V +/–20%, typ. 0.3 A, max. 1 A
PROFIBUS PROFIBUS Protocols: DP, DPV1, FMS, MPI; Connection: 9-Pin D-Sub, Baud Rates: 9.6 Kbit/s .. 12 Mbit/s
Ethernet 100BASE-TX, 10BASE-T, Connection: RJ45, IP Address: Manually or via DCHP
RS232 Reserved
USB Only available with BC-502-PB/CL Option
Control Signals Potential-free Contact, 3 Inputs DC 24 V, Active High
Dimensions HxWxD: 131 x 47 x 111 mm
Weight Approx. 0.4 kg
Mounting 35 mm DIN Rail
Protection Class IP20
Operating Temperature 5 °C to 55 °C
Storage Temperature –20 °C to 70 °C
Conformity CE, FCC, VCCI
Display & Parameterization Via Integrated Web Interface
Snapshot Analysis Via PROFIBUS Diagnostics Suite PC Software, see separate Data Sheet
BC-502-PB PROFIBUS Monitorr for Continuous Bus Monitoring and Condition-based Maintenance of DP/DPV1/FMS/MPI, DIN Rail Mounted, External 24 VDC Power Supply Required, Signaling
Contact, Control Inputs, Ethernet 10/100BASE-T(X),RJ45, Integrated Web Server, User Manual, PB-DIAG-SUITE Analysis Software (See seperate Tab.)
BC-502-PB-START PROFIBUS Monitor Start Package Consisting of BC-502-PB, BC-131-PB, AC Adapter/Cable, Patch/Crossover Cable and Carrying Case

Additional Products and Services

BC-131-PB Optional Active Connection Cable for Hassle-free Integration into Existing or Running Installations Without Recabling or the Disturbances Caused by a Spur Cable, 3m Length, Bus-powered Internal Repeater
BC-502-PB/CL “Comfort Line” Option, Allows Full-Featured Protocol Analysis via USB, Supplied as Activation Code
BC-502-PB/SNMP “Premium Line” Option, Provides SNMP Network Interface for Measurement Data, Supplied as Activation Code
BC-502-PB/CLP “Comfort Line Plus” Option, Allows Full-featured Protocol Analysis via USB and Provides SNMP Network Interface for
Measurement Data, Supplied as Activation Code
TRA-PB-TECH PROFIBUS Technology Training, 2-Day
TRA-PB-TS PROFIBUS Troubleshooting Training, 3-Day

Universal Software for All Diagnostic Tools of the bus check Family

PC software for performing, evaluating and managing tests of bus physics, bus communication and cabling in PROFIBUS networks. The application is extremely easy to use, with a quick test available at a click of the mouse.

One Software for All Diagnostic Products

  • Comprehensive analysis of PROFIBUS DP and PROFIBUS PA networks
  • Diagnostic functionality available depending on connected test tool
  • License-free use on any number of PCs – no activation required

Suitable for the Fieldbus Novice

  • Bus test initiated with a single mouse click
  • Clear, easy-to-read display of test results
  • Separate expert mode providing in-depth diagnostic features for network specialists

Functionality for All Diagnostic Tasks

  • Continuous display of current bus status in status bar
  • Overall bus health indicated by traffic light symbols for bus physics and bus communication
  • Detail views with additional diagnostic information, also for advanced analyses by experts
  • Testing of bus and connected devices via integrated master simulator without configuration or parameterization
  • Generation of test reports for acceptance testing of PROFIBUS installations

Functionality of the Test Tools

Technical Data

Operating Systems:
PC Hardware*
RAM 500 MB for Windows XP
1 GB for Windows 7, Windows 8
Processor 1 GHz for recording at baud rates up to 1.5 Mbit/s
2 GHz for recording at baud rates over 1.5 Mbit/s
Screen Resolution 1024 x 768 pixels (XGA)
USB Interface 2.0
Supported Operating Systems Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8

* The above minimum requirements are only general guidelines. Requirements may vary depending on the PC/notebook used.

Order Number


Scope of Delivery

Software PROFIBUS Diagnostics Suite, PC software on CD-ROM for PROFIBUS Tester 5 BC-700-PB, PROFIBUS Tester 4 BC-600-PB and PROFIBUS Monitor BC-502-PB
Documentation Manual “Getting Started”

Additional Products and Services

TRA-PB-TECH PROFIBUS Technology Training, 2 Days
TRA-PB-TS PROFIBUS Troubleshooting Training, 3 Days