mobiLink Interface

Mobile Interface for HART, FOUNDATION fieldbus, Profibus PA


mobiLink is a both Bluetooth and USB solution for commissioning parameterization & maintenance for field devices

  • Single interface for the major Process Automation protocols: HART / Foundation fieldbus / PROFIBUS PA
  • Perfectly suited for handheld host devices due to battery powered Bluetooth operation
  • Compatible with FDT Frame Applications
  • Approved for use in hazardous areas

Multi protocol operation available on mobiLink

  • HART Master, Foundation fieldbus Host and PROFIBUS PA Master  included in one device
  • Temporary attachment to fieldbus segments or HART loops for individual interaction with field devices
  • Fully compliant protocol implementations allow for interference-free access to running plants

Host communication via Bluetooth or USB

  • Built-in batteries and Bluetooth communication enable use of handheld host devices like smart phones and tablets
  • USB interface for bench host operation

mobiLink support of FDT Frame Applications and major Engineering Tools

  • PACTware FDT Frame Application and HART Communication DTM included
  • Communication DTM for Foundation fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA (optional)
  • Foundation fieldbus configuration tool (optional)
  • Application Program Interface for integration into Engineering Systems

Suitable for use in hazardous areas

  • The mobiLink is EX approval for Zone 1
  • Suitable for connection to intrinsically safe circuits
  • Suited for harsh environment
User Interface Controls
Status LEDs
Power on/off button, Bluetooth pairing button
FIELDBUS (Fieldbus mode), HART (HART mode), Bluetooth (Pairing/Bluetooth active), Low battery, Power on
Interfaces and Connectors USB




Speed: USB 2.0 Full Speed
Connector: USB Type C
Electrical: Non intrinsically safe. Do not use inside hazardous areas.
5V, 100mA. Um = 253VBT mode: BT Classic, 2.4 – 2.478 GHz Output Power: +8 dBm (maximum)Connection: 4 mm banana type jacks (red/black), polarity has to be observed
Physical Layer: according to IEC 61158-2, Type 1: 31.25 Kbit/s, voltage mode
Nominal input current (Fieldbus):
10 mA in Bluetooth and regular USB mode
18 mA (with Ufieldbus > 9,5V) for increased battery life time in USB mode (controlled by application)
Fieldbus Terminator: No fieldbus terminator includedConnection: 4 mm banana type jacks (red/black)
Physical Layer: HART FSK compliant modem
Operation in Hazardous Areas Intrinsic Safety Parameters EX ia IIB, Ui = 30 V or FISCO field device
Isolation: 1500 VDC between USB and Fieldbus, 1500 VDC between USB and HART
Physical Properties Dimensions (L x W x D)


Power Supply

Operating Temperature


Relative Humidity

Protection Class

175 mm x 74 mm x 32 mm

330 g (incl. Batteries)

Battery: 3 * Alkaline, IEC-LR6, nominal voltage 1,5V
For use in hazardous area: Energizer E91 or Duracell Procell MN1500.
With batteries of other types or manufacturers certification is void.
Fieldbus interface (Medium Attachment Unit) powered by fieldbus.

-20°C .. +50°C

Store batteries in a dry place at normal room temperature.

< 95% rH non condensing

IP 54 (if USB port covered with cap)

Scope of Delivery
Hardware mobiLink, USB cable, fieldbus cable set with clips, 3 * Alkaline IEC-LRC6, USB memory stick
Software PACTware, Communication DTM for HART, Foundation Fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA (for Foundation Fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA optional license required)
Foundation Fieldbus Configuration Tool ComConf (optional license required)
Documentation On USB memory stick
Order Numbers
DBA-KM-020410 mobiLink for HART applications
LRA-KK-021971 Licence for FF CommDTM
LRA-NN-021972 Licence for PA CommDTM
LRA-KK-020721 Licence for FF Configuration Tool ComConf
DBL-KM-020411 mobiLink HART incl. FF Comm DTM Licence
DBL-KM-020412 mobiLink HART incl. FF and PA Comm DTM Licenc

How to connect with Foundation Fieldbus devices via mobiLink:

How to connect with Foundation Fieldbus devices via mobiLink:

How to change Foundation Fieldbus node addresses:

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