HA for simplifying PROFIBUS INTEGRATION for process control

NEWS from the  :  10 /20 / 2020

Softing Industrial just released version 1.20 of its Modbus to PROFIBUS gateways adding redundancy for critical process control applications and adding XML import for simplified integration into Schneider Electric engineering systems.

Softing’s Modbus to PROFIBUS Gateways mbGate PA, mbGate PB and mbGate DP enable the direct integration of PROFIBUS PA and DP segments into Modbus/TCP systems. They act as Modbus server and PROFIBUS master and connect up to 4 PROFIBUS PA segments as well as 1 DP segment with Modbus TCP. Version 1.20 now supports the operation of two redundant gateways in combination with two redundant Modbus controllers. In this way, system availability is ensured even in the event of a connection failure. Furthermore, the PROFIBUS configuration from the gateway can now be easily transferred to Schneider’s Unity PRO via XML import. Initial engineering is thus reduced to a minimum and changes in the system configuration can be transferred quickly to the control system eliminating risk of error.

mbGate PA, PB and DP are part of Softing’s gateway family for multi-protocol process control which includes gateways with server functionality for Modbus TCP, PROFINET and Ethernet/IP. The gateways enable fast and easy field device connection for integrated, digital communication in process plants. In this way, users modernize and expand their existing installations quickly and cost-effectively and create the basis for more efficiency and flexibility in their production. More information is available here: Gateways for multi-protocol process control


NEWS from the  :  08 /07 / 2020

ICE cube production with the PROFINET Switch from Helmholz


The Budé Group from Maastricht has been active in the world of industrial production automation, mechanical engineering, revision and maintenance for more than 30 years now. A family-owned company with a passion for technology and the solution of technical problems.

Budé Innovative Solutions bv, a member of the Budé Group, has built a unique machine for the ice industry. This machine is designed for washdown applications (cleaning with high pressure, hot water as well as aggressive chemical agents) and produces around 20 tons of crystal clear ice cubes per day at minimal energy costs.

Sven Kuypers, senior engineer for industrial automation at Budé: “The CubyKing, as the machine is called, is an ice machine that is produced entirely of stainless steel 304. The machine is distinguished by its high production capacity in combination with its relatively compact dimensions.”

capacity in combination with its relatively compact dimensions.”

PROFINET Switch with protection class IP67

Because a lot of technology had to be integrated into a small space, a decision was made to place the PROFINET elements, including the switches, as decentralized as possible. The 44 servomotors with integrated drives, the 4 valve islands and the remote IO are all decentralized and executed in IP67.

All of these PROFINET elements are connected by M12 technology with the managed PROFINET switches with protection class IP67 from Helmholz. These switches are certified by PI. They can be easily incorporated into the hardware configuration of the PLC and thus offer optimal functionality.

NEWS – uaGate SI

OPC UA Server Gateway with MQTT Support for SIMATIC S7 Controllers

uaGate SI makes data integration easier than ever before.

The gateway supports the connection of SIMATIC S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200 and S7-1500 controllers from Siemens and uses the OPC UA standard for a simple and secure data integration of new and existing plants in higher-level management systems, such as ERP, MES or SCADA systems.

In addition, uaGate SI also offers MQTT Publisher functionality, enabling direct integration of PLC data into private or public IoT cloud applications on the IT side. The generic MQTT implementation supports the use of a large number of different cloud providers. Similar to the OPC UA standard, MQTT also supports various security mechanisms such as encrypted connections, certificates and user authentication, thus contributing to a high level of data security.

With this functionality, uaGate SI is a compact, secure, future-oriented and proven gateway for data integration.

Access to Siemens PLC Data from OPC UA Applications

  • Access to SIMATIC S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200 and S7-1500 controllers
  • Support of optimized data blocks in SIMATIC S7-1200 and S7-1500 controllers
  • Integration of higher-level management systems like ERP, MES or SCADA using integrated OPC UA Server providing open, platform-independent and market-proven communication
  • Easy local and global access to field data and routing through firewalls
  • Especially dedicated to retrofit upgrades, thus protecting former investments
  • No need for software updates, operating system patches and PC updates resulting in years of failure-free operation
  • No PLC programming or dedicated PC required

Optimized for Siemens Integration

  • Symbolic name import from Siemens TIA Portal and SIMATIC STEP 7 projects
  • Namespace configuration by browsing of SIMATIC S7 1200/1500 variables
  • Easy setup of OPC UA Server requiring only a few steps for accessing Siemens PLC data
  • Web interface for gateway configuration

Industry-proven Security

  • Physically separated interfaces and separate configuration rights for OT and IT networks preventing intrusions
  • Supporting security standards as SSL/TLS and X.509 certificates
  • OPC UA compliant data encryption and user authentification
  • Security supported for MQTT communication with private and public clouds



NEWSLETTER – CAN Training course

NEWSLETTER 17 Novembre 2017

CAN Training, the December 20th  in the UK, Coventry

Places still available!


This training is an all encompassing In-Vehicle Networks technical training with the emphasis on Controller Area Network (CAN). CAN will be extensively covered along with Signals interpretation and the J1939 Higher Layer Protocol and NMEA2000. Also covered will be CAN On Board Diagnostics (ODB).

There will be theory sessions intermingled with hands on training session. The theory seasons will mostly be in the morning, with the hands-on lab sessions in the afternoon.

If you are interested, please contact us at ( info@atevatech.com )


SWITCH EN50155 –  Protocol LTDP  HOWTO

In most of train application, many train cars will be shifted according to different destination, which often becomes a maintenance issue when any car changes. As the different car devices were set with different IP address that would need to migrate into the same IP without any manual setting to keep the original train network. With LTDP-aware DHCP server, Lantech EN50155 switches can discover the current IP addresses and enable the switch to exchange the IP address when any car is merged.

LTDP can also react on the link failure or node failure to keep the original IP range and maintain the remaining network function until the replacement is in place.

It can also keep the config file when switch is swapped.


Our EN50155 switch for train selection






Thanks to the MQTT protocol’s publisher functionality in the new 1.30 firmware version of its dataFEED uaGate SI, Softing is closing the gap between automation and IT. The gateway to Siemens S7 control systems now also allows easy and secure integration of data into cloud-based IoT and Industrie 4.0 applications. With this move, Softing acknowledges the growing acceptance of MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) as an IoT standard communication protocol. It is already being natively supported by many respected cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services, IBM Bluemix and Microsoft Azure.

“The dataFEED uaGate SI offers the highest level of security, simple configuration, and low maintenance costs”, says Sebastian Schenk, Product Manager at Softing Industrial. “This new version provides mechanical engineers, system integrators and other customers with a flexible and future-proof tool bridging the interface between industrial networks and IT applications.”

In addition to the MQTT Publisher functionality, the built-in OPC UA Server allows data to be integrated into ERP, MES or SCADA applications. User authentication, certificate handling and SSL encryption ensure maximum security. The gateway is easy to configure via a web browser and supports icon import directly from SIMATIC STEP 7 and TIA Portal projects. dataFEED uaGate SI is equally suitable for new systems and retrofits in existing systems.

The new firmware version 1.30 is available now for download from the Softing website. Existing customers can upgrade to the new version for free. Further information is available here.

Softing Industrial offers commercial license for OPC UA .NET Standard Stack

Haar, May 9, 2017 – Softing Industrial announces a commercial license for the OPC UA .NET Standard Stack. The OPC UA .NET Standard Stack has been developed by Microsoft, and was contributed as open source project to the OPC Foundation GitHub in June 2016. This announcement follows the OPC Foundation’s recent statement about Microsoft’s contribution of the stack.

The OPC UA .NET Standard Stack is targeting the .NET Standard Library. .Net Standard allows developing apps that run on all common platforms available today, without requiring platform-specific modifications. Furthermore, the .Net Standard stack adds security features and supports cloud applications and services.

Softing Industrial plans to offer a commercial license for the OPC UA .NET Standard Stack in the fourth quarter of 2017, making it available for full commercial use to everyone. Preparatory work and technical coordination with the OPC Foundation as well as Microsoft have already begun. Softing’s support for the currently available Softing OPC UA .NET Toolkits will not be affected and continue to be available.

OPC UA is an interoperability standard for industrial communication developed by the OPC Foundation. It has developed into the global de-facto interoperability standard for the Industrial Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0.

“OPC UA has truly established itself as the interoperability standard for Industrial IoT. We are honoured to work with the OPC Foundation on the continued evolution of the standard. The response from the Industrial IoT community to our .Net Standard reference stack contribution has been very positive.” says Sam George, Director Azure IoT, Microsoft Corporation.

“I’m very excited about the work that Softing is doing with respect to providing the complete development cycle for OPC UA product deployment. Softing is and has been doing the development and maintenance of the OPC Foundation OPC UA reference implementation deliverables providing a solid foundation for the OPC community, and Softing provides leading edge commercial certified OPC UA development products that enable the OPC community to quickly bring quality OPC UA products to market“, adds Thomas J. Burke, President & Executive Director, OPC Foundation.

“We have more than 20 years of experience with OPC technology, and we are excited about this new offer which will simplify the implementation of OPC UA products for secure and innovative IoT solutions significantly”, concludes Hans-Werner Auberg, Managing Director Softing Industrial.