mobiLink Power : Single USB interface for PROFIBUS PA, HART, FOUNDATION fieldbus

mobiLink power enables a direct connection to the field device without it having to be located within a functioning bus infrastructure. The integrated power supply eliminates the need for additional components such as external power supply and terminating resistors for commissioning and maintenance of the field devices.

Single interface for the major Process Automation protocols

  • HART Master, Foundation Fieldbus Host and PROFIBUS PA Master included in one device
  • Parametrization and configuration of field devices
  • Diagnostics and condition monitoring

mobiLink Power presentation ( PDF )

Provides the power supply for the field devices

  • Eliminates the need for an additional power supply and power conditioner for workbench applications

Support of FDI, FDT frame applications and major engineering tools

  • PACTware FDT frame application and HART communication DTM included
  • Communication DTM for Foundation Fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA (optional)
  • Foundation Fieldbus configuration tool (optional)
  • Application Program Interface for integration into engineering systems

Unlimited flexibility in use

  • mobilink Power draws power from the connected computer via USB

Please find this product into our renting product

DUA-KM-020440 mobiLink Power for HART applications, including accessories
LRA-KK-021973 linkPlus FF – License to activate Foundation Fieldbus
LRA-LL-021974 linkPlus PA – License to activate PROFIBUS PA
LRA-KK-020721 Licence for FF Configuration Tool ComConf

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The perfect solution to prevent hackers to take control of your industrial data

( OPC UA servers, PROFINET, Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP network, etc…)

Cybersecurity shouldn’t be an option

A protection without any impact on production.

Let’s detect and protect any intrusions, without any impact on your industrial activities. This “Rail DIN box system” is easy to install on any industrial environment.

Let’s integrate  a product fully adapted to your environment.

La gamme de produits de sécurité réseau est disponible selon vos besoins : dans un format Hardware IT pour la protection du réseau informatique ou dans un format Hardware OT avec le Stormshield SNi40, boîtier conçu spécialement pour la protection des PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).

Une administration unique

Avec la solution globale Stormshield Network Security, vous intégrez un seul produit logiciel pour une administration unique quel que soit le domaine d’activité (OT ou IT).


Type Firewall industriel ou Pare-feu industriel
Certification CSPN
Firewall Throughput over UDP 4.8Gbps
Firewall Throughput  (IMIX ) 2.4Gbps
Débit en IPS Up to 2.9Gbps
Jitter max 10ms
VPN  IPSec – AES128/SHA1 : 1,1 Gbps
Simultaneously VPN tunnels 500
Simultaneously SSL tunnels 75 (via Web)
Simultaneously SSL tunnels 100 via client
Simultaneously sessions 500 000
New session per seconde 20 000
Interface speed 10/100/1000
Interfaces Nb 5
SFP interfaces de 0 à 2
Serial Port 1
 USB Ports 1 x USB 2.0 et 1 x USB 3.0
DPI Deep Packet Inspection ou Inspection des paquets en profondeur OUI
Protocoles compatibles DPI Modbus, UMAS, S7 200-300-400, EtherNet/IP, CIP, OPC UA, CEI 60870-5-104, OPC (DA/HDA/AE), BACnet/IP et IT
Stockage 32Gb
Log sur SSD
MTBF 26.6 ans
Installation Rail-Din
Size 165 x 80 x 145 mm
Weight 1.4 kg
Usual Consumtion 15.5W
Consumation 19.5W
Normal Température -40 °C à +75 °C
Protection IP30
Modele SNI40


Réference : Système UTM Industriel : SNi40


The PROFIBUS connector 90° diagnostics LED is equipped with a proven and reliable screw terminal.

It is quickly mounted and has integrated, connectable terminating resistors.
For improved EMC compatibility, the housing of the plug is metalized.
Using the PROFIBUS connector diagnosis, a PROFIBUS network can be established in which the user can at any time check the state of the bus system at a glance.
The three built-in LEDs with the easily distinguished colors blue, green, and orange indicate the most important states of the PROFIBUS network at each station. The state of the terminating resistor (orange), whether bus activity is present (green), and whether the addressed participant is participating in the bus traffic (blue) are displayed.
In this way you can immediately recognize error states such as bus interrupts, missing or incorrectly connected terminating resistors, and malfunctioning or failed bus participants.
The PROFIBUS connector works in the extended ambient temperature range of -25 °C to +85 °C.


Exits on 2 versions : WITH PG and WITHOUT PG

  • 3 status LEDs to indicate “bus operation,” “participant is sending,” “terminating resistor inserted”
  • Metalized housing
  • No parts that can be lost
  • Integrated switchable terminating resistor
  • 90° cable outlet
  • Proven screw terminal
  • The PROFIBUS connectors are also available in packs of 10 or 50
  • The maximum ambient temperature for UL is +60 °C
General information
Order number 700-972-7BA12
Article name PROFIBUS connector, 90° screw terminal, diagnostics LED, without PG
Scope of delivery PROFIBUS connector, installation instructions
Dimensions (DxWxH) 64 x 40 x 17 mm
Weight Approx. 40 g
Cable outlet Vertical cable outlet, suitable for FastConnect stripping tool
PROFIBUS interface
Number 1
Transmission rate max. 12 Mbps
Connection SUB-D connector, 9-pin
Terminating resistor Resistor combination integrated and switchable using slide switch
PG connection socket No
PROFIBUS bus cable 60/75 °C copper cable up to 1.0 mm2
Connector type terminal strips
Number 4
Maximum outside diameter 8.0 mm
Status indicator 1 LED, 3-color
Voltage supply + 4.75 … + 5.25 V DC (must come from the device)
Current draw without modules (internal) Max. 35 mA
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature -25 °C … +85 °C( The maximum ambient temperature for UL is +60 °C.)
Transport and storage temperature -25 °C … +85 °C
Relative air humidity 70 % at +25 °C
Pollution degree 2
Protection rating IP20
Certifications CE, UL
RoHS Yes

Product Reference

  • PROFIBUS connector, 90°, screw terminal connector, with diagnostics LED, without PG, incl. installation instructions : ATV-700-972-7BA12
  • PROFIBUS connector, 90°, screw terminal connector, with diagnostics LED, with PG, incl. installation instructions :       ATV-700-972-7BB12

PROFIBUS Compact Repeater

PROFIBUS compact repeater

The patented PROFIBUS compact repeater is a full PROFIBUS repeater that is versatile due to its very small size. It enables transfer rates of 9.6 kbps to 12 Mbps.


  • Alternative to conventional PROFIBUS repeaters
  • No additional space required in the control cabinet
  • Can be used for bus extension or as a spur line
  • Increase the number of participants
  • System expansion
  • Can also be used in MPI networks
  • Status LEDs
  • No 24 V supply required
  • 5 V power supply directly from the PROFIBUS terminal, making it usable on every PROFIBUS device

The transmission signals are regenerated by the repeater and re-sent (bit-reshaping and retransmission) so that faults in the line are largely eliminated.
The PROFIBUS compact repeater is a great alternative to conventional repeaters for a large number of applications, both technically and in terms of price. It can be used for bus extension (up to 1 km with 2 PROFIBUS compact repeaters), to increase the number of participants, and to expand the system. Use in MPI networks is also possible. As a special application option, the PROFIBUS compact repeater allows the setup of stubs as separate segments. For this it can be plugged directly into the PG connection of an existing PROFIBUS connector.
Due to the compact design, no additional space is needed in the control cabinet, as the PROFIBUS compact repeater can be used instead of a PROFIBUS connector and is simply plugged into a participant on the PROFIBUS network. Furthermore, no separate power supply is required, because the PROFIBUS compact repeater uses the 5 V power supply, which every PROFIBUS device makes available for the terminating resistor. The PROFIBUS compact repeater establishes a potential separation between the two PROFIBUS segments.
The integrated status LEDs provide a quick overview on the current bus status.

General information
Order number 700-972-0RB12
Article name PROFIBUS compact repeater
Scope of delivery PROFIBUS compact repeater, instructions
Dimensions (DxWxH) 64 x 40 x 17 mm
Weight Approx. 40 g
PROFIBUS interface
Number 1
Transmission rate Max. 9.6 … 12 Mbps, autom. detection
Connection SUB-D connector, 9-pin
Cable outlet 90 °

Réference produit : atv-700-972-0RB12


10GBASE-SR/SW 400m Multimode Datacom SFP+ Optical Transceiver


FINISAR ftlx8571d3bcl

Form Factor: 


FTLX8574D3BCL 10Gb/s SFP+ optical transceivers are designed for use in 10-Gigabit Ethernet links over multimode fiber. They are compliant with SFF-8431, SFF-8432, IEEE 802.3-2012 10GBASE-SR/SW and 10G Fibre Channel 1200-Mx-SN-I. Digital diagnostics functions are available via a 2-wire serial interface, as specified in SFF-8472. The FTLX8574D3BCL is a “limiting module”, i.e., it employs a limiting receiver.  Host board designers using an EDC PHY IC should follow the IC manufacturer’s recommended settings for interoperating the host-board EDC PHY with a limiting receiver SFP+ module.  The optical transceiver is RoHS compliant as described in Application Note AN-2038.


850nm VCSEL, Duplex LC, 2.5GBase-X SFP Transceiver

  • Distance: 0.3km
  • Standard Operating Temperature: -10°C ~ 70°C
  • Wide Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ 85°C

Lantech 2.5GBase-X Small Form Factor Pluggable SFP transceivers are compliant with the current SFP Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) Specification. The high performance 850nm VCSEL transmitter and high sensitive PIN receiver provide superior performance for SONET/SDH applications up to 0.3km optical links with multi mode fiber.


  • Compliant with SFP MSA Standard
  • Compliant with SFP8472 diagnostic monitoring interface
  • Compliant with 2500Base-X
  • Hot Pluggable
  • 850nm VCSEL laser transmitter
  • Duplex LC connector
  • 2-wire interface for management and diagnostic monitor
  • Single +3.3V power supply
  • Transmission distance of 0.3km over multi mode fiber
  • RoHS Compliant

Absolute Maximum Ratings







Storage Temperature





Supply Voltage





Storage Relative Humidity





Recommended Operating Conditions








Case Operating Temperature
(Standard model)





Case Operating Temperature
(-E model)





Supply Voltage






Supply Current




Transmitter Electro-Optical Characteristics








Optical launch Power






Center Wavelength






Spectral Width (RMS)




Optical Extinction Ratio




Rise/Fall Time (10%~90%)




Optical Eye Mask

ITU-T G.957 STM-16

Differential Data Input Voltage





Transmit Disable Voltage





Transmit Enable Voltage





Notes: 1. The optical power is launched into a 50/125μm multi-mode fiber.

Receiver Electro-Optical Characteristics








Receiver Sensitivity





Maximum Input Power





Operating Center Wavelength





LOS De-Assert




LOS Assert




LOS Hysteresis




Differential Data Output Voltage

Vout, pp




Data Output Rise/Fall Time (10%~90%)




Receiver LOS Signal Output Voltage-Low





Receiver LOS Signal Output Voltage-High





Notes: 1. Measured with a PRBS 231-1 test pattern @ 2488Mbps BER < 10-10

Pin Assignment

Diagram of Host Board Connector Block Pin Numbers and Name

Pin Description



Function / Description



Transmitter Ground



Transmitter Fault Indication (1)



Transmission Disable – Module disables on high or open (2)



Module Definition 2 – SDA: Serial Data Signal



Module Definition 1 – SCL: Serial Clock Signal



Module Definition 0 – LVTTL Low (3)


Rate Select

Not Connected – Open Circuit



Receiver Loss of Signal (4)



Receiver Ground



Receiver Ground



Receiver Ground



Inverse Received Data out, Differential LVPECL, AC coupled



Received Data out, Differential LVPECL, AC coupled



Receiver Ground



Receiver Power



Transmitter Power



Transmitter Ground



Transmitter Data In, Differential LVPECL, AC coupled



Inverse Transmitter Data In, Differential LVPECL, AC coupled



Transmitter Ground
Note1: TX Fault is open collector/drain output which should be pulled up externally with a 4.7K~ 10KΩ resistor on the host board to supply <VccT+0.3V or VccR+0.3V. When high, this output indicates a laser fault of some kind. Low indicates normal operation. In the low state, the output will be pulled to <0.8V.
Note2: TX Disable input is used to shut down the laser output per the state table below. It is pulled up within the module with a 4.7K~10KΩ resistor. 1)Low(0~0.8V): Transmitter on; 2)Between(0.8V and 2V): Undefined; 3)High (2.0~ VccT): Transmitter Disabled; 4)Open: Transmitter Disabled
Note3: Mod-DEF 0, 1, 2. These are the module definition pins. They should be pulled up with a 4.7K~10KΩ resistor on the host board to supply less than VccT+0.3V or VccR+0.3V. Mod-DEF(0) is grounded by the module to indicate that the module is present. Mod-DEF(1) is clock line of two wire serial interface for optional serial ID. Mod-DEF(2) is data line of two wire serial interface for optional serial ID.
Note4: LOS (Loss of signal) is an open collector/drain output which should be pulled up externally with a 4.7K~10KΩ resistor on the host board to supply <VccT+0.3V or VccR+0.3V. When high, this output indicates the received optical power is below the worst case receiver sensitivity (as defined by the standard in use). Low indicates normal operation. In the low state, the output will be pulled to <0.8V.

Part Number













Finisar’s FTLF8524P2xNV Small Form Factor (SFP) transceivers

4G Fibre Channel (4GFC) 150m SFP Optical Transceiver


Finisar’s FTLF8524P2xNV Small Form Factor (SFP) transceivers are compatible with the SFP Multi-Sourcing Agreement (MSA). They are compatible with Fibre Channel FC-PI-2 Rev. 7.0. Rate selectable versions are also compatible with Gigabit Ethernet as specified in IEEE Std 802.3. The optical transceiver is compliant per the RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU. See Finisar Application Note AN-2038 for more details. Digital diagnostics functions are available via the 2-wire serial bus specified in the SFP MSA.

  • Up to 4.25 Gb/s bi-directional data links
  • Hot-pluggable SFP footprint
  • Built-in digital diagnostic functions
  • 850 nm Oxide VCSEL transmitter
  • Duplex LC connector
  • RoHS compliant and lead free
  • Up to 500 meter on 50/125 µm MMF, 300 meter on 62.5/125 µm MMF
  • Metal enclosure for lower EMI
  • Single 3.3 V power supply
  • Extended operating temperature range: -20°C to 85°C
  • Tri-rate 1.063/2.125/4.25 Gb/s Fibre Channel
  • 1.25 Gb/s 1000BASE-SX Ethernet (Rate selectable version)
  • Wireless – OBSAI, CPRI
Distance: 550 m
Data Rate (max): 4.25 Gb/s
Protocol: Optical Gigabit Ethernet Compliant1x Fibre Channel Compliant2x Fibre Channel Compliant
Low End Case Temperature (°C):  -20
High End Case Temperature (°C): 85
Diagnostics: Digital
Transmitter: VCSEL
Receiver: PIN
Voltage Supply: 3.3
Connector: LC
Wavelength: 850nm Band

mobiLink Interface

Mobile Interface for HART, FOUNDATION fieldbus, Profibus PA


mobiLink is a both Bluetooth and USB solution for commissioning parameterization & maintenance for field devices

  • Single interface for the major Process Automation protocols: HART / Foundation fieldbus / PROFIBUS PA
  • Perfectly suited for handheld host devices due to battery powered Bluetooth operation
  • Compatible with FDT Frame Applications
  • Approved for use in hazardous areas

Multi protocol operation available on mobiLink

  • HART Master, Foundation fieldbus Host and PROFIBUS PA Master  included in one device
  • Temporary attachment to fieldbus segments or HART loops for individual interaction with field devices
  • Fully compliant protocol implementations allow for interference-free access to running plants

Host communication via Bluetooth or USB

  • Built-in batteries and Bluetooth communication enable use of handheld host devices like smart phones and tablets
  • USB interface for bench host operation

mobiLink support of FDT Frame Applications and major Engineering Tools

  • PACTware FDT Frame Application and HART Communication DTM included
  • Communication DTM for Foundation fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA (optional)
  • Foundation fieldbus configuration tool (optional)
  • Application Program Interface for integration into Engineering Systems

Suitable for use in hazardous areas

  • The mobiLink is EX approval for Zone 1
  • Suitable for connection to intrinsically safe circuits
  • Suited for harsh environment
User Interface Controls
Status LEDs
Power on/off button, Bluetooth pairing button
FIELDBUS (Fieldbus mode), HART (HART mode), Bluetooth (Pairing/Bluetooth active), Low battery, Power on
Interfaces and Connectors USB




Speed: USB 2.0 Full Speed
Connector: USB Type C
Electrical: Non intrinsically safe. Do not use inside hazardous areas.
5V, 100mA. Um = 253VBT mode: BT Classic, 2.4 – 2.478 GHz Output Power: +8 dBm (maximum)Connection: 4 mm banana type jacks (red/black), polarity has to be observed
Physical Layer: according to IEC 61158-2, Type 1: 31.25 Kbit/s, voltage mode
Nominal input current (Fieldbus):
10 mA in Bluetooth and regular USB mode
18 mA (with Ufieldbus > 9,5V) for increased battery life time in USB mode (controlled by application)
Fieldbus Terminator: No fieldbus terminator includedConnection: 4 mm banana type jacks (red/black)
Physical Layer: HART FSK compliant modem
Operation in Hazardous Areas Intrinsic Safety Parameters EX ia IIB, Ui = 30 V or FISCO field device
Isolation: 1500 VDC between USB and Fieldbus, 1500 VDC between USB and HART
Physical Properties Dimensions (L x W x D)


Power Supply

Operating Temperature


Relative Humidity

Protection Class

175 mm x 74 mm x 32 mm

330 g (incl. Batteries)

Battery: 3 * Alkaline, IEC-LR6, nominal voltage 1,5V
For use in hazardous area: Energizer E91 or Duracell Procell MN1500.
With batteries of other types or manufacturers certification is void.
Fieldbus interface (Medium Attachment Unit) powered by fieldbus.

-20°C .. +50°C

Store batteries in a dry place at normal room temperature.

< 95% rH non condensing

IP 54 (if USB port covered with cap)

Scope of Delivery
Hardware mobiLink, USB cable, fieldbus cable set with clips, 3 * Alkaline IEC-LRC6, USB memory stick
Software PACTware, Communication DTM for HART, Foundation Fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA (for Foundation Fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA optional license required)
Foundation Fieldbus Configuration Tool ComConf (optional license required)
Documentation On USB memory stick
Order Numbers
DBA-KM-020410 mobiLink for HART applications
LRA-KK-021971 Licence for FF CommDTM
LRA-NN-021972 Licence for PA CommDTM
LRA-KK-020721 Licence for FF Configuration Tool ComConf
DBL-KM-020411 mobiLink HART incl. FF Comm DTM Licence
DBL-KM-020412 mobiLink HART incl. FF and PA Comm DTM Licenc

How to connect with Foundation Fieldbus devices via mobiLink:

How to connect with Foundation Fieldbus devices via mobiLink:

How to change Foundation Fieldbus node addresses:

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FG-200 HSE/FF Gateway

Modbus TCP/FF HSE to FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 Gateway

Integration of up to 4 FF H1 segments into control systems via Modbus TCP or FOUNDATION Fieldbus HSE

FF Network Integration via Modbus Including Redundancy

With Softing’s FG-200FF, you can easily integrate up to four FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus (FF) H1 links into control systems supporting Modbus. The Softing FG-200FF provides redundancy and is suitable for use in ATEX zone. This device features fast access to process data, while making use of Fiedbus Foundation (FF) advantages like reduced cabling, central field device parameterization, comprehensive diagnostics, or intrinsically safe device segments. The Fieldbus foundation gateway (FG-200FF) is fully compatible with the R. STAHL bus-Carrier Series 9419 and Fieldbus Power Supply Series 9412 products for a very easy commissioning.

Easy Commissioning with the FG-200FF

  • Optional support of R. STAHL bus-Carrier Series 9419 and Fieldbus Power Supply 9412 products (cabling reduced to a minimum)
  • Modbus data import to web server reducing mapping efforts

Easy Asset Management thanks to the FG-200FF

  • Visitor mode avoiding interference with network behavior
  • Enabling asset management systems (e.g. Emerson’s AMS) and Field Device Tool (FDT) frame applications (e.g. SMART VISION, FieldMate, Field Device Manager, FieldCare, or PACTware)

The FG-200FF gateway makes easy the device redundancy

  • Redundancy link enabling device redundancy (D-3 according to FF-593)
  • Automatic mirroring of configuration data
  • Very fast redundancy switch-over between 2* FG-200FF Fieldbus foundation Gateway

All Necessary Tools Included

  • FF Configuration Tool for configuration of devices and cyclic communication
  • PACTware for device configuration and basic asset management tasks

FG-200FF vs FG-100FF

FG-110 FG-200
CPU PowerPC 805T 100 MHz Cortex A9 400 MHz
H1 Interface (MAU) Inductive coupling (no bus power required) Bus-powered (10 mA drawn from bus)
Ethernet Ports 1 2 (medium redundancy, same IP address)
Redundancy Communication Serial Link (115,2 kBit/s) and Ethernet Serial Link (1 MBit/s) only, no load on Ethernet
Cabling All connectors on front side Fieldbus: bottom
Ethernet: front
Power: top or power bus in DIN rail
Mechanical Compatibility STAHL bus carrier
Dimensions 131 mm x 47 mm x 111 mm 100 mm x 35 mm x 105 mm (- 46%)


Functionality Comments
Host Interface
Device Interface
Engineering Existing projects can be downloaded without any changes
Mechanical Dimensions Smaller in each dimension: Same cabinet can be used
Bus Power Supply 10 mA required per Link (same as for all devices and most host systems)
FISCO Power Supplies with separate host interface must provide 10 mA on host side
Cabling Different positions, different connectors: Cables have to be modified
Redundancy Management FG-100/FG-110 and FG-200 cannot cooperate as redundant pair: No replacement of FG-110 by FG-200 in run possible. Complete redundant pair of Linking Devices has to be replaced at same time.
Hardware Processor
Status LEDs (Gateway)

Status LEDs (Fieldbus)
Altera Cyclone V SoC with dual-core ARM Cortex-A9
PWR (power supply), RUN (operation), ERR (error), RDL (redundancy link)
FF H1 activity per link
Interfaces and Connectors Ethernet

FOUNDATION fieldbus H1
2 * IEEE 802.3 100BASE-TX / 10BASE-T (only ETH1 supported)
Connectors: RJ45
4 FF H1 links, compliant to type 114 of FF physical layer profile
(each link capable to operate independently as Link Master and/or Time Master)
Transfer rate: 31.25 Kbit/s
Fieldbus voltage range: 9 VDC ... 32 VDC, preferred voltage: 24 VDC
Current consumption: 10 mA / link
Connectors: 3-position screw connection, galvanically isolated
Physical Properties Dimensions (H x W x D)
Power Supply

Operating / Storage Temperature
Relative Humidity
Protection Class
100 mm x 35 mm x 105 mm
Approx. 0.25 kg
18 VDC ... 32 VDC; SELV/PELV power supply mandatory
Typical input current: 200 mA, maximum input current: 1 A (allowing for in-rush current at switch-on)
No power supply to FF H1 links through FG-200 HSE/FF Modbus
-40 °C .. +70 °C / -40 °C .. +85 °C
(see detailed mounting description in user manual)
10 % ... 95 %, non-condensing
Convection, no fan
Conformal coating based on ANSI / ISA-S71.04 G3
DIN rail 35 mm
Software Protocols

FOUNDATION fieldbus H1
Modbus TCP
Device redundancy compliant to type D-3 according to specification FF-593
Conformity / Certifications CE

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

Vibration / Shock

Hazardous Location Certifications

Safety Requirements
EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-4, EN55022 Limit Class A, EN55011
FCC CFR45, Part 15 Section 15.107 and 15.109 (Class A),
VCCI Class A Information Technology Equipment 2002
DIN EN 60068-2-6 Vibration / DIN EN 60068-2-27 Shock
cULus: Class 1, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D (in preperation)
IECEx: Ex nA [ic] IIC T4 Gc
ATEX: II 3G nA [ic] IIC T4 Gc
IEC/EN/UL 61010-1
IEC/EN/UL 61010-2-201 (with CB scheme)

Scope of Delivery

Hardware FG-200 HSE/FF Modbus
Software FF Configuration Tool, FDT CommDTM, PACTware on CD-ROM
Documentation Quick Startup Guide, User Manual on CD-ROM

Order Numbers


GCL-EK-024100 FG-200 HSE/FF Modbus
GCL-EK-024101 FG-200 HSE/FF Modbus, functionally identical design variant for use with R. STAHL bus-Carrier Series 9419 and Fieldbus Power Supply 9412 products

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Profibus PA Tester ( BC-230-PB) for ATEX and non ATEX Zones

Profibus PA tester

ATEX zone Certified


The PROFIBUS PA Tester is a versatile tool for testing PROFIBUS PA Network .

Quick and Easy Bus Testing

The Diagnostic Monitor ( BC-230-PB)  is a versatile tool for testing PROFIBUS PA networks during operation. It is powered by the fieldbus, so that no battery or external power source is required. The monitor is also suitable for use in hazardous areas ( ATEX product)

Universal Application of the BC-230-PB

  • Testing of the bus physics
  • Verification of stable communication between the bus devices
  • Universal tool for setup and commissioning, documentation, acceptance testing, predictive maintenance, and troubleshooting

BC-230-PB is very simple to use

  • Outstanding ease of use based on display and two function buttons ▪ Clear classification of test results as either OK or BAD
  • Ideal choice even for less experienced users

Fully Automatic Bus Test

  • Automatically powered by fieldbus and start of segment testing without operator intervention after attachment to PROFIBUS PA network
  • Information in plain text, if measured data exceeds tolerance limits
  • Measurement of segment voltage as well as average noise and peak noise for three frequency ranges
  • Reliable detection of short circuits between individual signal wires and cable shield
  • Detection of all frame retransmissions and all devices added or dropped during bus operation at field device level
  • Determination of current and lowest signal levels of all devices
  • No PC or notebook needed for testing the bus
  • Internal storage of test data for later transfer to PC
  • Detailed test reports in Microsoft Excel or text format
put voltage: Fieldbus mode: 8 to 32 VDC, USB mode: 4.1 to 5.5 VDC
Max. input current: Fieldbus mode: 10 mA *, USB mode: 30 mA
Power dissipation: Fieldbus mode: max. 320 mW (at 32 VDC), USB mode: max. 165 mW (at 5.5 VDC)
Operating temperature: –20 to +50 °C **
Dimensions: 146 x 88 x 28 mm
Weight: 378 g
Case material: ABS
DC voltage measurement range: 8 to 32 VDC ± 0.5 VDC
Signal level measurement range: 0.12 to 2 Vpp ±10% ±0.025 Vpp
LF noise measurement range: 50 Hz to 4 kHz, 0 to 1000 mVpp ±15% ±25 mVpp ***
FF noise measurement range: 9 kHz to 40 kHz, 0 to 1000 mVpp ±10% ±25 mVpp ***
HF noise measurement range: 90 kHz to 350 kHz, 0 to 250 mVpp ±20% ±25 mVpp ***
Conformity CE, FCC
Hazardous area approvals FM USA and Canada:
—Class I Division 2 Groups A, B, C and D T4
—Class I Zone 2 Group IIC T4
—Class I Division 1 Groups A, B, C and D T4
—Class I Zone 0 and 1 Ex/AEx ia IIC T4
Data transfer to PC Via supplied PC software for Windows 2000, XP and VISTA, Windows 7 (32/64 bit) and USB interface version 1.1 or 2.0
*  In  fieldbus  mode  the BC-230-PB  is powered by the  fieldbus and draws approximately 9.4 mA of current from the segment (depending on bus voltage and ambient temperature).
**  Display update speed is impaired below –10°C.
*** Vpp = Volts peak-to-peak; excessive noise adjacent to the fieldbus frequency (FF) band will prevent the BC-230-PB from reading the fieldbus data and thus reduce functionality.
BC-230-PB Diagnostic Monitor for PROFIBUS PA

Scope of Delivery

Hardware Diagnostic Monitor for PROFIBUS PA (BC-230-PB), connection cables, carrying case
Software PC software (in English) on CD-ROM
Documentation Manual (in English), certificates (in English)

Additional Products and Services

PB-LSZ-CHB3 Digital fieldbus leakage current clamp for locating EMC problems, 40 Hz … 1,000 Hz, Min/Max, Data Hold, measuring cables, supplied in handy case

Training available on demand

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