Management and Diagnostics for Industrial Networks

TH SCOPE is a software product for industrial network management and network diagnostics. Geared to plant operators and maintenance personnel, TH SCOPE is an all-in-one, easy-to-use solution for permanent monitoring and predictive maintenance, for acceptance testing and for troubleshooting. Combined with TH LINK components, the product supports PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP protocols.
The PROFINET Commissioning Report functionality is now available in new THSCOPE Release. Download the new THSCOPE under ‘Downloads’ section.

Comprehensive Presentation and Evaluation of Diagnostic Data

  • Provision of data on network communication, network configuration and diagnostic messages
  • Preparation of standardized exports (e.g. for acceptance testing)
  • Support of PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP in combination with TH LINK components
  • Data acquisition also from standard Ethernet devices (e.g. PCs or camera systems)

Versatile solution for a wide range of diagnostic applications

  • Permanent monitoring and alerting
  • Commissioning and acceptance
  • Network documentation
  • Network and Plant Asset Management
  • Fault localization and identification

Flexible System and Process Integration

  • Web-based access, local or remote
  • Integration of inventory data into monitoring tools and process control systems via OPC UA
  • Export of diagnostic data for further processing in other applications (e.g. MS Excel)
  • Easy data exchange with Softing‘s Analyzer IE software (e.g. export of reference measurement)
  • Intuitive handling and operation
Technical Data
  • Network overview with network and device status plus diagnostic messages with troubleshooting recommendations
  • Analysis of device logs
  • Live list, statistics, inventory
  • GSDML file support, plaintext messages in diagnostic list
  • Topology and trend analysis
  • Automatic e-mail notification in case of fault
  • Reference comparison
  • Acceptance measurements and acceptance reports
  • Configurable time intervals for automated export of inventory and topology data
  • Data export via Excel
  • Output of inventory data via OPC UA
Supported Protocols PROFINET, PROFIBUS, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP
  • SNMP Agent
  • OPC UA-Server
  • OPC Classic DA-Server
System Requirements
  • Web browser with Adobe Flash Player 14 or higher
  • Adobe Reader 8 or higher for reading the documentation and for printing the topology
Supported Operating Systems Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016
Network Access Data collection through TH LINK (PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP und Industrial Ethernet)
Demoversion Full TH SCOPE functionality can be used for free for 30 days after installation
Licensing Via software or hardware key
Scope of Delivery
Software TH SCOPE (by download from Softing‘s website
License Software or hardware key
Documentation Installation Manual, User Manual, Release Note
Order Numbers
LRA-JY-003024 TH SCOPE (software key)
LRL-JY-003025 TH SCOPE (hardware key)
Additional Products and Services
GDA-JY-003037 TH LINK Industrial Ethernet
LRA-JY-003028 TH LINK PC Industrial Ethernet

If your network is protected by a second firewall in addition to the Windows firewall, make sure that the following settings are made to allow TH SCOPE services to communicate properly.

  • Enabling of HTTP port 80 – inbound and outbound
  • Enabling of SNMP port 161 inbound or port 2367 (if port 161 is used by another SNMP agent).
  • Enabling of IP port 2364 UDP outbound
  • Enabling of UDP ports 2365 outbound and 2366 inbound


The following ports are used by TH SCOPE for internal communication only:

  • Port 22
  • Port 80
  • Port 1100
  • Ports 1123 – 1151
  • Port 1500
  • Port 1501
  • Ports 2363 – 2366
  • Ports 49152 – 49171

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Plant Asset Management with optional monitoring for PROFIBUS Networks

Access to PROFIBUS networks for any FDT frame application, Emerson’s AMS and Softing’s TH SCOPE

THLINK PROFIBUS provides controller-independent access to PROFIBUS networks for plant operation and maintenance staff. The tool supports both plant asset management applications and network diagnostics. THLINK PROFIBUS is easy to be integrated without interfering withthe operation of existing installations.

Independent Access to PROFIBUS Network

  • Controller-independent
  • Independent of configuration tools
  • Access for plant asset management applications to configure field devices based on FDT/DTM and EDDL standards (acyclic master)

Designed for Installation without Interference with Plant Operation

  • Connection to PROFIBUS network also possible during operation of the plant
  • Easy integration into existing plants thanks to compact design
  • Browser access for administration and configuration purposes

Powerful Data Collection Capabilities Optimized for PROFIBUS

  • Passive listening to PROFIBUS DP protocol
  • Threshold monitoring for frame retries
  • Statistics for optimization of the network configuration
  • Easy detection of missing terminating resistors

Optimized for Use by Maintenance Engineers

  • Central and time-saving parameterization of PROFIBUS and HART field devices directly from the control room
  • Continuous monitoring and troubleshooting for PROFIBUS networks
  • Fault identification with intelligent troubleshooting assistance
  • Seamless integration with TH SCOPE diagnostics software
  • Network detection and data collection (PROFIBUS DP)
  • Acyclic master (PROFIBUS DP-V1)
  • Alarm notification in case of fault
  • Basic monitoring, configuration
  • Integrated web server
Supported Plant Asset Management Applications e.g.:

  • Endress+Hauser FieldCare
  • Emerson AMS Suite
  • Yokogawa Fieldmate
  • PACTware
PROFIBUS Transmission Rate
  • max. 12 MBit/s (AMS Device Manager, FDT)
  • max. 1.5 MBit/s (TH SCOPE)
Input Voltage 24 VDC (19.2 VDC … 28.8 VDC)
Current consumption max. 190 mA
Operating Temperature 0 °C … 50 °C
PROFIBUS interface RS 485
Ethernet Port RJ-45 (10Base-T/100Base-TX)
Mounting 35 mm DIN rail
Dimensions (H x W x D) 22.5 x 99 x 114.5 mm
Weight 120 g
Certificate CE

    Scope of Delivery

    Documentation Installation Manual, Release Notes (by download)

    Additional Products and Services

    ATV-LRA-JY-003024 TH SCOPE (software key)
    ATV-LRL-JY-003025 TH SCOPE (hardware key)
    ATV-LRA-NN-021980 DTM Library
    ATV-VAA-YY-023000 PACTware
    ATV-VAA-NM-023001 TACC


Profibus PA Tester ( BC-230-PB) for ATEX and non ATEX Zones

Profibus PA tester

ATEX zone Certified


The PROFIBUS PA Tester is a versatile tool for testing PROFIBUS PA Network .

Quick and Easy Bus Testing

The Diagnostic Monitor ( BC-230-PB)  is a versatile tool for testing PROFIBUS PA networks during operation. It is powered by the fieldbus, so that no battery or external power source is required. The monitor is also suitable for use in hazardous areas ( ATEX product)

Universal Application of the BC-230-PB

  • Testing of the bus physics
  • Verification of stable communication between the bus devices
  • Universal tool for setup and commissioning, documentation, acceptance testing, predictive maintenance, and troubleshooting

BC-230-PB is very simple to use

  • Outstanding ease of use based on display and two function buttons ▪ Clear classification of test results as either OK or BAD
  • Ideal choice even for less experienced users

Fully Automatic Bus Test

  • Automatically powered by fieldbus and start of segment testing without operator intervention after attachment to PROFIBUS PA network
  • Information in plain text, if measured data exceeds tolerance limits
  • Measurement of segment voltage as well as average noise and peak noise for three frequency ranges
  • Reliable detection of short circuits between individual signal wires and cable shield
  • Detection of all frame retransmissions and all devices added or dropped during bus operation at field device level
  • Determination of current and lowest signal levels of all devices
  • No PC or notebook needed for testing the bus
  • Internal storage of test data for later transfer to PC
  • Detailed test reports in Microsoft Excel or text format
put voltage: Fieldbus mode: 8 to 32 VDC, USB mode: 4.1 to 5.5 VDC
Max. input current: Fieldbus mode: 10 mA *, USB mode: 30 mA
Power dissipation: Fieldbus mode: max. 320 mW (at 32 VDC), USB mode: max. 165 mW (at 5.5 VDC)
Operating temperature: –20 to +50 °C **
Dimensions: 146 x 88 x 28 mm
Weight: 378 g
Case material: ABS
DC voltage measurement range: 8 to 32 VDC ± 0.5 VDC
Signal level measurement range: 0.12 to 2 Vpp ±10% ±0.025 Vpp
LF noise measurement range: 50 Hz to 4 kHz, 0 to 1000 mVpp ±15% ±25 mVpp ***
FF noise measurement range: 9 kHz to 40 kHz, 0 to 1000 mVpp ±10% ±25 mVpp ***
HF noise measurement range: 90 kHz to 350 kHz, 0 to 250 mVpp ±20% ±25 mVpp ***
Conformity CE, FCC
Hazardous area approvals FM USA and Canada:
—Class I Division 2 Groups A, B, C and D T4
—Class I Zone 2 Group IIC T4
—Class I Division 1 Groups A, B, C and D T4
—Class I Zone 0 and 1 Ex/AEx ia IIC T4
Data transfer to PC Via supplied PC software for Windows 2000, XP and VISTA, Windows 7 (32/64 bit) and USB interface version 1.1 or 2.0
*  In  fieldbus  mode  the BC-230-PB  is powered by the  fieldbus and draws approximately 9.4 mA of current from the segment (depending on bus voltage and ambient temperature).
**  Display update speed is impaired below –10°C.
*** Vpp = Volts peak-to-peak; excessive noise adjacent to the fieldbus frequency (FF) band will prevent the BC-230-PB from reading the fieldbus data and thus reduce functionality.
BC-230-PB Diagnostic Monitor for PROFIBUS PA

Scope of Delivery

Hardware Diagnostic Monitor for PROFIBUS PA (BC-230-PB), connection cables, carrying case
Software PC software (in English) on CD-ROM
Documentation Manual (in English), certificates (in English)

Additional Products and Services

PB-LSZ-CHB3 Digital fieldbus leakage current clamp for locating EMC problems, 40 Hz … 1,000 Hz, Min/Max, Data Hold, measuring cables, supplied in handy case

Training available on demand

This product belongs to our Process Automation family. In order to view our expertise and the complete list of products please Download the Process Automation Brochure.

PROFIBUS Tester 5 (BC-700-PB)

BC-700-PB : Quick and easy test : Physics bus, communication bus and cable testing

The PROFIBUS Tester 5 (BC-700-PB) is a powerful diagnostic and troubleshooting tool for testing the cables, measuring the signals and analyzing the communication of PROFIBUS networks. It is battery-powered and provides a graphical display, allowing for quick results when working in stand-alone mode. Optionally, also PROFIBUS PA network can be analyzed. In addition, the BC-700-PB supports the export of test results for advanced analysis.


Test Bus Câblage, Physique Bus et Bus Communication “All-In-One”

  • Combinaison de testeur de signal, oscilloscope à mémoire, protocolanalyzer, simulateur de maître et la fonctionnalité de testeur de câble en un seul outil de diagnostic
  • Mode autonome, plus des diagnostics basés sur PC étendues
  • Adaptés pour l’installation, la configuration et la mise en service, la documentation, les tests d’acceptation, l’optimisation du réseau, la maintenance préventive, le dépannage ainsi que des tests de laboratoire

Très mobile Bus Testeur pour l’essai Même Sans Notebook

  • fonctionnement sur batterie sans avoir besoin d’alimentation supplémentaire
  • Affichage graphique fournissant facile à comprendre la présentation des résultats des tests
  • tests de réseau complets en mode autonome sans nécessiter un ordinateur portable

Caractéristiques de diagnostic améliorée grâce à complément logiciel PC-Based

  • De nombreuses fonctionnalités supplémentaires pour l’exécution, l’analyse et la gestion des tests de bus en mode PC (Tendance, Topologie Numériser, Master Simulator, Oscilloscope, analyseur Frame)
  • Test rapide et test contrôlé par l’utilisateur pour l’évaluation de l’état du réseau facile à la simple pression d’un bouton
  • Génération de rapports d’essais qui décrivent l’état actuel de l’installation PROFIBUS
  • Idéal pour les utilisateurs moins expérimentés, ainsi que pour les spécialistes de bus de terrain

Adaptateur de mesure en option pour MBP (Manchester Coded Bus Powered) Physique

  • Analyse spécifique du signal de support physique MBP (de feedingvoltage, type de signal, le signal de polarité, divergence bitrate)
  • Analyse complète du protocole directement au niveau du segment PROFIBUS PA
Diagnostics Functionality
Protocol and Frame Analysis PROFIBUS DP-V0 and DP-V1, automatic baud rate detection in the range of 9.6 kbit/s … 12 Mbit/s
Signal Analysis PROFIBUS DP-V0, DP-V1, FMS and MPI
… via EIA-485 Signal quality index 0 … 5,000, determined from signal wave form as well as signal/noise ratio and rise time; signal sampling with 8/16 samples per bit
… via MBP
(requires optional adapter)
Fieldbus feeding voltage: 0 V … 35 V at 0.1 V resolution, signal level: 100 mV … 1,200 mV at 10 mV resolution, signal polarity, bitrate divergence: ±1.2 % at 0.01 % resolution, signal sampling with 128 samples per bit
Oscilloscope Display
(Not Available for MBP)
Test range: ±5 V at 10 mV resolution (differential), 0 V … 15 V at 15 mV resolution (A or B to DGND);
sampling rate: up to 384 Msamples/s; sampled points: 2,400 (signal details), 8,192 (oscilloscope analysis)
Topology Scan
(Not Available for MBP)
Active, maximum distance: 230 m, accuracy: ±2 m
Cable Test
(Not Available for MBP)
Active, supported cable segment length: 5 m … 1,500 m, accuracy: 5 %
Operation Via graphical colour display, four function keys and scrollwheel including central push-button or via PC/notebook
Internal Memory Capacity 3 user-definable network directories (segment and test location) for storing quick tests, trend logs and cable test results
Trend logging: max. 99 hours
Trigger IN: L = 0 V .. 0.8 V; H = 2.4 V .. 24 V; pulse > 10 μs, active high
OUT: approximately 5 V, active low (connection to storage oscilloscope)
PC Operating Software PROFIBUS Diagnostics Suite, see separate datasheet for details
EIA-485 (PROFIBUS DP) PROFIBUS D-sub connector, 9 pins, power supply for external bus termination
MBP (PROFIBUS PA) Connector, 3 pins, for screw terminals at optinal measuring adapter, measuring cable set including 3 probes(adapter for MBP measurement is attached to D-sub connector)
USB V 2.0, high speed 480 Mbit/s, galvanically isolated
Dimensions (H x W x D) 35 mm x 220 mm x 110 mm
Power Supply Built-in three-cell lithium-ion battery supporting 11.1 VDC or external AC adapter 100 VAC … 240 VAC, 50/60Hz (galvanically isolated)
The rechargeable battery has a runtime of up to 5 hours (runtime depends on the performed test functionality and rate of wear of the rechargeable battery)
Battery is charged via external AC adapter
Operating/Storage Temperature Operating temperature: 0 °C … 50 °C, storage temperature: -20 °C … 70 °C
Relative Humidity Air humidity: 10 % … 90 % without condensation
Weight Test tool, no cable: approximately 0.75 kg; complete carrying case: approximately 4.2 kg
Conformity CE, FCC, VCCI
ATV-DDA-NN-006014 PROFIBUS Tester 5 (BC-700-PB)
ATV-DDL-NN-006012 PROFIBUS Tester 5 (BC-700-PB) with Oscilloscope Option
ATV-LRA-NN-006011 Oscilloscope Option (Oscilloscope view in stand-alone mode)
ATV-DDL-NL-006010 PROFIBUS PA option for BC-700-PB (BC-700-PB serial number required for order placement)

Scope of Delivery

Hardware PROFIBUS Tester 5 (BC-700-PB), power supply unit 100 VAC … 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz with connecting cables for Europe and USA, adaptor cables, carrying case
Measuring adapter BC-700-H1, measuring cable set (for PROFIBUS PA option)
Software PROFIBUS Diagnostics Suite (PC software for Windows on CD-ROM)
BC-700-PB upgrade license (on CD-ROM, for PROFIBUS PA option)
Documentation Device Manual, “Getting Started“ Manual

Additional Products and Services

ATV-ACA-NN-006031 EIA-485 D-Sub adapter cable for testing operational networks with reduced influence on segment operation
(view product)
D-Sub to M12 adapter set with T-piece and M12 bus termination for PROFIBUS DP
(view product)
Digital Fieldbus Leakage Current Clamp for Locating EMC Problems, 40 ..1000 Hz, MIN/MAX, Data Hold, Measuring Cables, supplied in a Handy Case (fits in Empty Compartment of Carrying Case)
(view product)
D-Sub Service Interface with Active Bus Termination and 90° Angled Connector for PROFIBUS DP
(view product)
M12 Service Interface for PROFIBUS DP, Comprising M12 T-Piece, End Cap and M12 Connection Cable (1 m)

PROFIBUS Diagnostics Suite

Universal Software for All Diagnostic Tools of the bus check Family

PC software for performing, evaluating and managing tests of bus physics, bus communication and cabling in PROFIBUS networks. The application is extremely easy to use, with a quick test available at a click of the mouse.


One Software for All Diagnostic Products

  • Comprehensive analysis of PROFIBUS DP and PROFIBUS PA networks
  • Diagnostic functionality available depending on connected test tool
  • License-free use on any number of PCs – no activation required

Suitable for the Fieldbus Novice

  • Bus test initiated with a single mouse click
  • Clear, easy-to-read display of test results
  • Separate expert mode providing in-depth diagnostic features for network specialists

Functionality for All Diagnostic Tasks

  • Continuous display of current bus status in status bar
  • Overall bus health indicated by traffic light symbols for bus physics and bus communication
  • Detail views with additional diagnostic information, also for advanced analyses by experts
  • Testing of bus and connected devices via integrated master simulator without configuration or parameterization
  • Generation of test reports for acceptance testing of PROFIBUS installations

Technical Data

Operating Systems:
PC Hardware*
RAM 500 MB for Windows XP
1 GB for Windows 7, Windows 8
Processor 1 GHz for recording at baud rates up to 1.5 Mbit/s
2 GHz for recording at baud rates over 1.5 Mbit/s
Screen Resolution 1024 x 768 pixels (XGA)
USB Interface 2.0
Supported Operating Systems Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8

* The above minimum requirements are only general guidelines. Requirements may vary depending on the PC/notebook used.



M12 Cable and connectors 

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