Communication Configurator

Universal Configuration Software for Industrial Ethernet and Fieldbus Networks

The Communication Configurator allows for easy configuration and commissioning of PROFINET and Foundation™ fieldbus (FF) networks. It is designed for working with products including Softing Industrial’s PROFINET Controller respectively Foundation™ fieldbus stack.

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Fast Configuration Setting and Verification via Online Access

  • Windows-based tool with graphical user interface supporting extensive PROFINET and Foundation fieldbus configuration
  • Easy assignment of device properties via online access
  • Functional advantages like check of offline configuration against devices detected online
  • Early identification of discrepancies between offline configuration and real network situation
  • Integration of detected PROFINET network devices into existing configuration using station scans

Various Approaches to Network Configuration

  • Creation of device library by inserting and deleting device GSDML files as basis for configuration tasks
  • Access using various filter criteria
  • Division of major projects into multiple segments for easier handling, e.g. by supporting nested network structure
  • Support of offline and online configuration

Support of Application and Protocol Stack Integration for PROFINET Environment

  • Storage of configuration data in binary format for processing by other applications and transfer to Softing protocol software
  • Adaptation of I/O mapping implementation to individual engineering tool and application needs
PROFINET Configuration Functionality
  • Setting device names and IP addresses
  • Device reset to factory defaults
  • Blinking LED for device localization
  • Support of GSDML version V2.20 (Service Pack for GSDML version V2.25 available)
Foundation Fieldbus Configuration Functionality
  • Adding and removing of individual FF H1 Device Description files
  • Creation, storage, and deletion of individual configuration projects
  • Configuration of PC, FF HSE subnet, FF HSE field devices, Softing Linking Devices, FF H1 Link, and FF H1 field devices
  • Display of active devices in FF networks
  • Function Block linking and scheduling
  • Optional customer specific host systems, participation in FF HSE subnet
  • Fieldbus configuration data generation and checking
  • Download of configuration data to all devices or individual devices
  • Monitoring and changing of individual Function Block parameters online
Supported Operating Systems Windows 7 Professional / Enterprise / Ultimate, Windows 10
Supported Hardware for PROFINET Access FG-260 gateway
Supported Hardware for Foundation Fieldbus Access FG-200 gateways, FFusb interface board
Licensing Depending on Protocol Stack Licensing Model
Conformance Foundation Fieldbus: Host Integration System Test (HIST) requirements supported
ATV-VCL-YY-097701 Communication Configurator, standard license version
ATV-VCM-YY-097701 Communication Configurator, customized license version

Scope of Delivery

Software Communication Configurator
Documentation Tutorial, detailed user interface description in electronic format (PDF, CHM)

Additional Products and Services

ATV-CCM-AY-2000 PROFINET Controller Stack, one-off license fee
ATV-TRA-PN-TECH “PROFINET – Technology” training