HA for simplifying PROFIBUS INTEGRATION for process control

NEWS from the  :  10 /20 / 2020

Softing Industrial just released version 1.20 of its Modbus to PROFIBUS gateways adding redundancy for critical process control applications and adding XML import for simplified integration into Schneider Electric engineering systems.

Softing’s Modbus to PROFIBUS Gateways mbGate PA, mbGate PB and mbGate DP enable the direct integration of PROFIBUS PA and DP segments into Modbus/TCP systems. They act as Modbus server and PROFIBUS master and connect up to 4 PROFIBUS PA segments as well as 1 DP segment with Modbus TCP. Version 1.20 now supports the operation of two redundant gateways in combination with two redundant Modbus controllers. In this way, system availability is ensured even in the event of a connection failure. Furthermore, the PROFIBUS configuration from the gateway can now be easily transferred to Schneider’s Unity PRO via XML import. Initial engineering is thus reduced to a minimum and changes in the system configuration can be transferred quickly to the control system eliminating risk of error.

mbGate PA, PB and DP are part of Softing’s gateway family for multi-protocol process control which includes gateways with server functionality for Modbus TCP, PROFINET and Ethernet/IP. The gateways enable fast and easy field device connection for integrated, digital communication in process plants. In this way, users modernize and expand their existing installations quickly and cost-effectively and create the basis for more efficiency and flexibility in their production. More information is available here: Gateways for multi-protocol process control