NEWS from the  :  08 /07 / 2020

ICE cube production with the PROFINET Switch from Helmholz


The Budé Group from Maastricht has been active in the world of industrial production automation, mechanical engineering, revision and maintenance for more than 30 years now. A family-owned company with a passion for technology and the solution of technical problems.

Budé Innovative Solutions bv, a member of the Budé Group, has built a unique machine for the ice industry. This machine is designed for washdown applications (cleaning with high pressure, hot water as well as aggressive chemical agents) and produces around 20 tons of crystal clear ice cubes per day at minimal energy costs.

Sven Kuypers, senior engineer for industrial automation at Budé: “The CubyKing, as the machine is called, is an ice machine that is produced entirely of stainless steel 304. The machine is distinguished by its high production capacity in combination with its relatively compact dimensions.”

capacity in combination with its relatively compact dimensions.”

PROFINET Switch with protection class IP67

Because a lot of technology had to be integrated into a small space, a decision was made to place the PROFINET elements, including the switches, as decentralized as possible. The 44 servomotors with integrated drives, the 4 valve islands and the remote IO are all decentralized and executed in IP67.

All of these PROFINET elements are connected by M12 technology with the managed PROFINET switches with protection class IP67 from Helmholz. These switches are certified by PI. They can be easily incorporated into the hardware configuration of the PLC and thus offer optimal functionality.