OPC Expertise


With a track record of more than 20 years of experience in OPC technology, Softing is the OPC partner of your choice. Softing offers a complete set of OPC Classic and OPC Unified Architecture development tools and end user products. These provide a comprehensive set of functionality for implementing state-of-the-art data exchange solutions addressing all individual connectivity issues. This portfolio is accompanied by supplementing training and development services as well as the world’s leading OPC book. Thus, the Softing offering solves all individual connectivity issues.

Download OPC Expertise Broschure (PDF).

OPC Projects and Services

Our know-how – your advantage: Customer-specific OPC solutions

OPC Training

Working in different areas of OPC applications we are collecting deep knowledge in OPC technology to educate OPC developers as well as OPC users. Information to our Academy

OPC Use Cases and References

echocollect UA for implementation of product control in a worldwide network of plants to realize seamless data exchange (PDF)

OPC Software Trials

For our software products we offer free trials with the complete functionality. Runtime is limited to 90 minutes.

OPC Book

From OPC Data Access to OPC Unified Architecture The latest edition of the OPC Book provides an excellent overview of the fundamentals, implementation and application of standardized data exchange via OPC. A key focus is on the new OPC generation – OPC UA – that allows for platform-independent data and information exchange.